About Sue Minns

My training has included Transpersonal Psychotherapy, Deep Memory Process Therapy (aka past life regression), Shamanic Practice, and Animal Spirit Medicine.

My wide interest in the spiritual path took me to a 2 year study course with One Spirit Interfaith, which led to ordination as a minister.

I have also worked with the powerful visionary plant ayahuasca, and Kambo, both of which have the ability to expand our awareness and to heal body, mind and soul.

My journey through this lifetime has been about inquiry, exploration and direct experience – sometimes referred to as the ‘gnostic way’. It has been about re-membering my fractured self and wanting to pass on the understandings that have come from my searching for truth and the meaning of life.


Soul Mates – understanding the nature of intense encounters

Bodies & Souls – a guide for the human experience


To be what you want to be
you must give up what you are

– Cat Stevens