All sorrows can be borne if you put them into a story
Or tell a story about them . . .

– Isak Dinesen


If you tell me I will listen
If you show me I will see.
But let me experience
and then I will learn

– Lao Tse


Hear from the heart wordless mysteries!
Understand what cannot be understood!
In man’s stone-dark heart there burns a fire
that burns all veils to their root and foundation.
When the veils are burned away, the heart will understand completely . . .
Ancient Love will unfold ever-fresh forms
in the heart of the Spirit, in the core of the heart.

– Jelal

I Am Clearing a Space

I am clearing a space
here, where the trees stand back.
I am making a circle so open
the moon will fall in love
and stroke these grasses with her silver.

I am setting stones in the four directions,
stones that have called my name
from mountaintops and riverbeds, canyons and mesas.
Here I will stand with my hands empty,
mind gaping under the moon.

I know there is another way to live.
When I find it, the angels will cry out in rapture,
each cell of my body will be a rose, a star.

If something seized my life tonight,
if a sudden wind swept through me,
changing everything,
I would not resist.
I am ready for whatever comes.

But I think it will be something small, an animal,
padding out from the shadows,
or a word spoken so softly
I hear it inside.

It is dark out here, and cold.
The moon is stone.
I am alone with my longing.
Nothing is happening
but the next breath, and the next
is the new life.

– Morgan Farley