What if . . .

. . . you could remember that every one of us has a unique soul-print waiting to be known . . . and expressed?

Like your fingerprint, your DNA signature waits to make its mark – longing to live its blueprint as an explorer, a dreamer, artist, observer, lover, gardener, baker or candlestick-maker . . .

I invite you to find the meaning of your life – to open the light-window between your heart and soul.

  • Come on a journey into your far memory
  • Explore the archives of your stories to understand the present
  • Recollect the frozen moments of your childhood to discover and release the beliefs and myths that continue to influence your adult life
  • Listen to a meditation
  • Be inspired by words of wisdom
  • A book or writings to help you understand more

Those who do not understand
their destiny will never understand
the friends they have made
nor the work they have chosen
nor the one life that waits
beyond all the others.

From: All the True Vows by David Whyte


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